About Us

Who Are We

A public accounting and consulting firm that provides a wide range of excellent services to our clients. 

Our Mission

We are trusted advisors to our clients. We believe that a successful business partnership requires us to be sensitive to the challenges that you faces.

What We Do

Our dedicated and experienced professionals fully understand your business and are committed to providing value added services to you. 

Our history

Our firm is founded by a group of experienced professionals in accounting, auditing and regulatory compliance. We have served a wide spectrum of clients, including local companies, multinational corporations, listed entities and financial institutions. Our people, our processes and our technology are tried and tested.

Why choose us?

Our partners are constantly in touch with our clients to keep them abreast of the status of our projects so as to ensure prompt delivery of our engagements.

We understand that every industry is unique. Our dedicated industry focused teams possessed in-depth knowledge of your industry and practices. 

We adopt a “No-Surprises” approach in all our engagements. Our clients are very happy with the prompt delivery of our work.

Our approach is to plan ahead and ensure that issues are properly managed and solutions are identified. Regular communication and early planning will ensure a seamless delivery of our services. 

We are pro-active and believe in providing value to our clients. We do not just identify issues upfront but we provide practical solutions and discuss them in the initial stage of our engagements. 

Our cost structure is simple and cost savings are passed on to our clients, hence we are able to provide very competitive pricing to our clients.

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